So firstly who is Mama Lottie?

The original Mama Lottie would be my grandmother Charlotte, she was the inspiration behind the brand and image.

What inspired you to create Mamalotties?

I have been a great food lover and have very much enjoyed my family’s cooking, in particular that of my grandmother as I had always grown up going to her house for lunch where she served up lavish meals for the whole family, at times there were even up to 8 or 10 of daily. As a university student in London, I missed food from Gibraltar very much and so I ended up calling and eventually skyping my grandmother and mother during meals to help me with preparations as I went along. From here the idea began to prepare a small book that I could keep for myself and my family such as my sister, but as the idea developed I decided to set up a website and have other Gibraltarians get involved and send in their own recipes. Thankfully has become very popular and so after two years of work I am finally able to release my cookbook full of family recipes not only my own but from other local Gibraltarians. 

With so many likes and the growing community of Mama Lotties on Facebook, did you ever imagine that this would take off the way it has?

I always hoped Mama Lotties would be successful but I am very grateful for what it has achieved so far. I hope it continues to grow!


What was the idea behind the front cover of the Mama Lotties book? and the title?

The Cover of the book was taking during a Friday meal at my grandmother’s home. Traditionally my grandmother cooks fish and seafood every Friday (without fail) the image represents a typical Friday set up, an abundance of fried fish, squid rings and the traditional and Spanish inspired Paella. As Gibraltar is such melting pot of cultures and communities it’s very hard to distinguish what is originally Gibraltarian. Many recipes have been translated and adapted throughout generations and in some cases modernized to suit the trends of the time. I think the title reflects this and how therecipes are inspired by the multicultural society of Gibraltar.

What are your future plans for Mama Lotties?

I have quite a few plans for Mama Lotties which I hope to accomplish but I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just have to keep those to myself for now. Make sure you keep checking the website so you don’t miss out!

Where are you books available to purchase? 

The 76 Mama Lotties – Gibraltar Inspired Recipes cookbook can bepurchased from Local Gibraltar Bookshops such as the Gibraltar Bookshop, WHsmith Gibraltar and online from Amazon