It’s been a crazy busy month for me this October. As it’s Halloween I thought I would share with you the creative work I been doing down on the farm at work.

So every year Sharnfold Farm have a Halloween event week, which is great fun for all families. This year we decided to have a Haunted Witches Lair!. My task was to paint and create the front of the haunted house which I have never ever done before so was exciting challenge.

The material I had to paint on was huge pieces of plywood! I drew out a rough design on paper first then copied it on to the wood.










I drew on to the plywood using some chalk, as it would be easy to wash off later.










I wanted the house to have scary images on it, but not too scary as it was for children.



















After painting all the base colour I used a black marker pen to add more detail.










Once it was all painted and dry, the plywood was fixed on to the house and was ready for the event.






































I really enjoyed creating this piece, I think the children liked it too. Was a fun challenge and I look forward to doing next years, whatever that will be.

Happy Halloween!!