I have recently been thinking about what other illustrators would ask clients when they first meet them, and wondered if anyone else had the same thoughts. So I’ve decided i shall share my thoughts and processes with you.

When first establishing work with a new client i like to find out the specifics first;

1. What it is they want? and what will the design be used for? 

This is very important to know, so then as a designer you can picture what you are going to create. Knowing what it’s used for will also help you target the right audiences.

2 Style that they have in mind

Hopefully the client chose you because of the style you have, unless you’re like me and have several styles that you adapt to best suit your clients needs.

3. Size and Colour of the piece

This question is important so you can work straight from the exact size of the design and whether you need to add colour etc

4. Deadline

How long you have on this design and you can decide if you are able to work in the time scale.

5. Payment

Unless previously discussed this is an important to ask You will need to discuss how you will get paid and what percentage of the deposit you expect to receive before starting the project. Some clients don’t have a clue how much illustrators charge and we are all different, so it’s best to be straight with them and tell them exactly how much your charge an hour or in some cases per project. Do this before agreeing to the job.

Each job brings its own experiences, these are just some of the things i have learnt over the years. What suggestions would you give other illustrators, comment below.